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How to Look Good Bald: A Complete Guide

In a world that values precious locks, going bald can be both liberating and daunting. As a fellow baldie, shaving my head was one of the best grooming decisions I've made, and I wish I had done it sooner.

Whether you're a newbie or have been shaving for a while, you may be thinking about how to look better bald.

Let's face it, things are different now that we have no hair.

If you've lost hope and think that going bald is the end of the world, you'll be surprised that you may look even better bald.

What do Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Jason Statham share?

They all rock the bald-head look!

It's time for bald men to look good, bald, and proud!

Bald Looks Better Than Balding

Once you experience hair loss or male pattern baldness, it's like your world suddenly crumbles. All bald men can relate to this. Your self-esteem is shot.

The first thing that comes to mind is to look for a solution to hair loss. During this rough time, learning how to look better bald never crossed my mind.

I didn't like thinning hair on the sides and minimal to no hair on top, which is the 6th stage of the Norwood male pattern baldness scale. I wasn't a fan of combovers, either. A strong gust of wind and your cover is blown, which can be pretty embarrassing for a bald man.

Norwood Scale

Wearing hats was an initial plan to hide my balding head, but living in a tropical country wasn't helping. Besides, I didn't like the idea of hiding something, so I also decided to say no to hats.

I went down this rabbit hole and started researching hair loss products like crazy.

Will I be the first to discover the holy grail for hair loss?

After spending a lot and getting minimal results, I finally came to accept my baldness and decided to shave my head.

When I took the plunge, I realized that I looked better bald than when sporting a horseshoe or McDonald's logo on my head.

After looking at before-and-after photos of balding men who shaved, the majority, if not all, looked better than having bald spots or trying to cover up a balding head.

How to Make Bald Look Good

#1 Be Confident

confident bald man

If you're not confident about going bald, all these tips on how to look good bald that follow will amount to nothing.

It starts with confidence. That's what pushed you into making the "going bald" decision in the first place (I hope).

Not everyone has confidence, and balding may have robbed you of a lot. But it's time to turn things around and focus on how to look more attractive bald.

Say this out loud, "A bald man is confident."

Let's begin.

#2 Use the Right Tools

The first step to looking good bald is to invest in the right tools for your grooming routine. Here's what we recommend.

A Shaving Kit

FlexSeries Shaving Kit

Freebirds' FlexSeries is one of the best head-shaving kits you can buy. Only $59.99, or $39.99 with a blade subscription. The shaving kit includes the top-selling FlexSeries rotary shaver plus loads of free attachments like:

The FlexSeries has a powerful 8500 RPM motor and is armed with ScalpSafe technology blades that are super sharp, long-lasting, and can work even on sensitive scalps.

Buy from the Freebird website or Amazon.

If you prefer the closeness of a manual razor, the Gillette Baldly shaving kit is a good buy. It's the first head shaver developed by the more than century-old Gillette company. If you're looking for a brand to trust, 100 years of experience in the shaving industry are enough credentials.

The Shave It Kit includes the Baldly head razor, 2 skin guard cartridges, shave gel, and a razor stand, all for just $45.00

The Shave It Kit - Gillette Baldly

Buy from their website.

Shave Gel

If you picked a manual razor, shaving cream or gel should be part of your grooming arsenal. Electric shavers can be used wet or dry. Look for a shave gel or cream designed specifically for bald heads.

You can read our article on the best shaving creams for baldies.


Shaving can dry our scalps. Hydrating your bald head with a moisturizer meant for baldies is non-negotiable. It should be a part of your shaving routine moving forward.

Read our guide on the best moisturizers for baldies.

Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliation is another integral part of a baldies' routine. We need to remove dead skin, dirt, oil, and sweat that's built up on our scalps.

Read our guide on the best exfoliators for baldies.


Now that you've gone hairless, you lose an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays. Adding sunscreen to your grooming kit is also essential for sun protection. Choose one with a high SPF rating of 30 or higher.

Skin cancer is no joke, and too much sun exposure increases the risk of cancer for us baldies.

Read our guide on the best sunscreens for baldies.

#3 Prioritize Skin and Scalp Cleaning

bald man cleaning scalp

Our skin stands out as baldies. Without long hair, blemishes can be spotted easily, especially on our chrome domes. Keep your skin clean, moisturizeexfoliate, and put on sunscreen.

Eat healthy, take supplements, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.

You can read our article on vitamins for a healthy scalp to learn more.

#4 Dress in Style

bald man dressed up

A bald head impacts your dress style. One style change worth noting is to avoid exposing more skin since our bald head takes care of that.

Choose turtle neck and crew neck shirts and sweaters over v-necks.

A basic wardrobe for a bald guy would be:

  • skinny pants

  • black or brown shoes/boots

  • crew neck sweatshirt

  • casual blazer

Accessories like sunglasses, glasses, and hats can make a massive difference in complementing your outfit.

#5 Get in the Gym

bald man working out

Let's go back to Vin, The Rock, and Jason. A smooth dome is not the only thing these bald men have in common.

They're bald movie stars who spent time in the gym. They're perfect examples of bald men who look a hundred times better with a well-built upper body than other balding and fat men.

Maybe this is partly why a study shows that head shavers are perceived as taller, tougher and more dominant than guys with a full head of hair.

Being fat is unhealthy anyway, so start going to the gym or walking every day to get in shape. You'll look better with your shaved head and be healthier in the long run.

#6 Grow Out Your Beard

bald man with beard

Bald men may get tired of the clean-shaven look and want to try something completely different. Adding facial hair is a simple and easy way to change your appearance. I prefer the smooth-shaven look since I don't have time to maintain a beard or mustache, but I'm probably in the minority.

A smooth top and facial hair give contrast and look good. Funny, because, for some baldies, you now have things upside down. Before, you had hair on top and no facial hair.

Growing a beard requires proper grooming and maintenance. To help maintain your beard, you'll need a good beard trimmer (which will also serve as a hair trimmer if things get too long up top).

#7 Shiny, Matte, or Buzz

bald man holding head

A full head shave has a few options: smooth and shiny, matte look, or buzz cut.

A smooth, shiny head will draw attention and make you stand out. Some baldies may prefer the matte look without the shine. Other baldies may not like a smooth dome and prefer a buzz cut.

If your male pattern baldness is in its severe stage like mine, leaving stubble would show the horseshoe at the back of your head. A clean-shaven look is much better in this case.

#8 Wear Hats

bald man wearing hat

As a full-fledged baldie, our scalps are now exposed to the sun all year round.

A hat offers the best sun protection since its effectiveness doesn't wear out like sunscreen. Look for hats with the highest UPF rating (50+). UPF ratings tell you how much protection a fabric gives against harmful UV rays.

I used to wear hats to hide my balding head. Not anymore. Hats are now a stylish accessory that also protects in the summer or cooler months. I have a baseball cap during summer and a beanie during the cold season in my hat rack.

A hat plus sunscreen is the best sun protection you can get.

You can read our article on the best hats for baldies so you can pick one that suits your style.

#9 Wear Glasses or Sunglasses

bald man wearing sunglasses

Getting a pair of glasses or sunglasses is an easy way to add to your style. Both accessories add character to your face. Remember the Clark Kent and Superman difference?

But before you buy a pair, choosing one is more complex than it looks. You need to consider your face shape, skin tone, and other factors discussed in detail in our article on the best sunglasses for baldies.

The Wrap

Now that you've embraced the bald lifestyle, isn't it great to know that we can still look good without hair?

As you rock the bald look, you realize that losing a full head of hair and regular shaving isn't that bad.

Baldness has never been this fun!


How do I Know if I Will Look Good Bald?

Generally, a clean and shaved head looks better than a balding head. You can also add facial hair to have a different look. Try watching before-and-after videos of guys who shaved their heads on YouTube. You'll notice that the majority of them if not all, look better shaved than balding.

When Should I Shave My Head?

Once you start noticing hair thinning at the top of your head, you should consider shaving your head. It will help you transition earlier to the bald head lifestyle, which you will eventually experience anyway. Why do I recommend this? Two realities I accepted: Hair growth products don't work, and male pattern baldness is the undefeated champ and will always be to date. Unless someone discovers the holy grail product for baldness.

But then again, there's no pressure. Shaving your head is a major decision, and the best time will always be based on personal preferences.

How Can I Make My Bald Head Shiny?

Shaving as close as possible and applying head polish or wax can make your bald head shinier than the rest. For a more in-depth discussion, read our article on how to make a bald head shiny.

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