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5 Best Exfoliators For Bald Heads

Choosing to shave your head is a big, bold decision. To enjoy your new look, you must know how to maintain your bald head.

Scalp exfoliation should be a part of your grooming routine, especially if you're dealing with a dry and flaky scalp.

Join us as we look at the best scalp exfoliators in the market that will surely leave your scalp healthy and rejuvenated.

What to Look for in a Scalp Exfoliator?

Not all exfoliators are effective in keeping our scalps healthy and smooth. Here's what we recommend as you shop for the best scalp exfoliator.

Gentle on the scalp: Our scalps are more sensitive, so we need gentle exfoliators. Avoid abrasive scrubs with large, rough particles that may harm our scalps and cause irritation. Coffee and walnut grounds are great non-abrasive exfoliators.

Moisturization: Today's exfoliators scrub our scalps and hydrate them. Look for moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter in your scrub. 

Scalp-safe ingredients: Look for dermatologist-tested scalp scrubbers that contain scalp-friendly ingredients.

Scent: For baldies with sensitive scalps, a scent-free scrub is ideal.

Top Exfoliators for Bald Heads

Freebird Purifying Scalp Exfoliator - Best Scalp Exfoliator for Bald Heads

Freebird Purifying Scalp Exfoliator

Say hello to our top pick for best bald exfoliators. Freebird's Purifying Scalp Exfoliator is designed for bald heads and boasts salicylic acid as its main ingredient. It exfoliates scalps gently and helps remove dead skin cells with ease.

The purifying exfoliator ensures it won't strip away your natural oils, keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated.

For best results, use it twice a week. All it takes is massaging a nickel-sized amount on your scalp and rinsing it after. That's it—a simple routine using one of the best products for scalp exfoliation.

Buy from their website.

You can also get a complete scalp care kit with a cleanser and moisturizer. That's value for money and complete scalp care:

Freebird Scalp Care Kit

Bald Brothers Smooth AF Bald Head Exfoliate Scrub - Runner Up for Best Scalp Exfoliator for Bald Heads

Bald Brothers Smooth AF

Here's another fantastic product formulated by bald guys. Our chrome domes are more sensitive than other body parts we exfoliate, so we need a gentle scrub that won't mess up our scalps.

Bald Brothers' Smooth AF may be gentle but is still effective in removing dead skin cells and impurities. You'll enjoy a smoother shave as your razor glides smoothly on your bald head.

Buy from their website.

Bee Bald Scrub Exfoliating Pre-Shave - Best Budget Exfoliator

Bee Bald Scrub

Like Freebird and Bald Brothers, the guys at Bee Bald make excellent products for bald guys like you and me. The Bee Bald Head and Face Scrub cleans the scalp, removing impurities and dead skin cells.

It's made of all-natural ingredients with walnut shell powder, which is known to help lower the risk of ingrown hair as it exfoliates.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

Comme Homme Scalp Exfoliator - Best Detox Scalp Exfoliator

Comme Homme Scalp Exfoliator

If you love a smooth and close shave, the Comme Homme Exfoliator is an excellent addition to your pre-shave routine. The jojoba beads gently exfoliate your scalp by removing dead skin and grime.

Your skin will feel refreshed and invigorated, leaving a light scent you'll love.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

Mountaineer Deep Cleaning Exfoliator - Best for Daily Grooming

Mountaineer Head and Face Scrub

If you prefer a scalp exfoliator with all-natural ingredients, Mountaineer's Deep Cleaning Exfoliator is one of the best products out there.

Enjoy the gentle cleansing power of olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and bentonite clay. The natural scrub unclogs pores and removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

Why Exfoliate a Bald Head?

There are several benefits baldies can enjoy when exfoliating their bald scalps.

Get rid of dead skin: We shed dead skin cells regularly. The problem is that they can build up on our scalps and cause dryness and flakes. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and flaky skin.

Unclog pores: Exfoliation unclogs pores and helps our scalps breathe.

Smoothens scalp: Removing dead skin cells reveals fresher and smoother skin.

Better product absorption: Open pores mean our scalps can better absorb scalp products like moisturizers.

Prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps: Exfoliation helps razors cut hair cleanly at the surface, preventing those nasty ingrown hairs. If you're prone to razor bumps and burns, exfoliation also helps minimize or prevent them from happening.

Closer shave: You'll experience the difference when you shave after exfoliation. Your razor will glide smoothly and effortlessly, giving you a smoother and closer shave.


If scalp exfoliation isn't part of your grooming routine, it's time to add it to your bald maintenance tasks.

The first step is choosing an excellent scalp exfoliator from our list to upgrade your shaving game.

Don't forget to apply a good moisturizer to finish your scalp exfoliation routine.


Should I exfoliate my bald head?

Now that you've chosen the bald look, scalp exfoliation should be a part of your grooming routine. Constantly removing dead skin and unclogging pores improves scalp health and hygiene.

If you're experiencing dandruff, acne, and ingrown hair, scalp exfoliation is one procedure that may solve these issues.

How Should I Exfoliate My Bald Head?

You need a scalp exfoliator applied to a wet scalp for effective exfoliation. Apply a nickel-sized amount to all areas of your scalp, massaging it gently. Rinse off and use a moisturizer to hydrate your scalp.

How Often Should I Exfoliate My Bald Head?

Over-exfoliation is terrible for your scalp. Most skin care professionals recommend exfoliation once or twice a week. If you have oily or extremely dry scalps, five times a week is the maximum number you can do per week. This gives your scalp enough time to recover after removing all the dirt and grime. Make sure to moisturize after exfoliation to maintain a balanced scalp care regimen.

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