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I only use it for shaving my face. It's great.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Christy Franke
Husband love!

My husband Loves it!


Heck of a deal. Really enjoy my shaver.

Awesome Shave

Quick and easy. My hand shakes so I tried, again, the electric shave. This beats all others, and gives me a closer shave than my razor. I’ll never go back.

Life changing

I have been shaving my head for about 25 years. I tried other electric head shavers over those years, but never found one that cuts as close as Freebird. So... I kept shaving my head with a razor, which would lead to occasional cuts (usually when I was in a hurry) and early morning bleed outs that could leave a nasty scrape on my head for days. This, of course, could become a challenge when trying to continue to shave with the razor the rest of the week. Those days are over!!! Freebird gets the job done! Highly recommend. Fly high Freebird!

Ready in 5

After several months, I am tremendously satisfied with this light weight cordless shaver. I have sensitive skin so I use my Freebird every other day to keep my smooth look and clean feel. It takes me about 5 minutes to get ready for outings. Also, the unit recharges quickly and the blades are easy to clean. I recommend this product for anyone who's interested in a consistent reliable cut.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Customer, Chris Brooks
Shaving experience/experimenting/blade cleaning

I was very skeptical about this shaving tool in the beginning. The first few weeks I got a lot of bumps dry shaving, and resorted to using chemicals to combat the bumps. Then I thought, let's give shaving in the shower, and at the sink using soap and water. Ehhh, it was better, but not great. I switched to shaving cream, it was better than soap but still not great. Then I tried body wash, nope but still a little better than soap and shaving cream. Then I tried Head and Shoulder shampoo. BIIIINGO! For me it was a quicker, closer shave, and I stopped getting bumps. Not to mention, all heads are created equal LOL. You have to try an experiment with different techniques. The key to a perfect shave for me is using shampoo, shave everyday, do not go beyond 2 days without shaving, keep your head wet, soapy and constantly rinse the blades shaking it under the warm water.

I see some of the customers complaining about how difficult it is to clean the shaver. Complaining about how difficult it is opening the Shaving ports especially the middle one. HEY....... How about not opening it AT ALLLLL! You never have to. While shaving, and when I'm done shaving, I'm always rinsing my shaver by shaking it under the warm shower water while the shaver is running, or if I'm shaving from the sink, I rinse it under the sink while it's running. I've always checked all the ports in the beginning to make sure they were clean, and they were. The only thing I noticed was, it would still have a little water left in the shaving ports of course. But that was an easy fix. I started sitting the entire shaver with the blades attached, face-down on top of a cloth, and all of the water drained easily into the cloth leaving the blades dry. I've tested this several times and it never failed to be clean and completely dried. I love this thing🥰. This shaver and the blades are a solid 10.

Best of the best!

The best head shaver ever! I love the fact that you don't have to disassemble it to clean it.

FlexSeries™ Blade
michael verbel

Quality product shipped properly, timely manner love it

Clean and easy

Love this product for every obvious reason.

FlexSeries™ Shaving Kit
Marquitta Beard-Wills

Love it ❤️🫶🏼

Best Buzz Kit
Susan Wood
My husband loves his new "Freebird" birthday present

The "Freebird" makes maintaining his balding head a snap. Shaving his head two or three times a week gives the clean look we were looking for. In two minutes he can shave his head and face. It's great!

Excellent very nice

Excellent I love the product very nice

FlexSeries™ Blade
Michael Russell
Blade Refills

I very much like my Firebird. The only negative comment I have is having to replace the blades. The Flex Free refill blades are expensive . Also, the center blade is difficult to open to clean

FlexSeries™ Blade
Jermaine Addy
Simply spectacular!

Thank God I found you, one of a kind unique Freebird! My words can not express how appreciative I am of you. Thank you for saving and shaving my skin so beautifully! You're irreplaceable, my lovely Freebird! Keep up the good work. Your satisfied customer.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Robert Willis
Satisfaction guaranteed

I use my Shaver as needed, and its always a great experience with clean and clear expectations

FlexSeries™ Shaving Kit
Leticia Benivamonde
Love it!!!

Bought this as a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He said it was the best ahaver he has ever used.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Tony DeOcampo

The razor is still working great after a couple years..

FlexSeries™ Blade
Deanna Meckley

Fiance loves this product

I love it. It easy to work with easy to clean.
It's a good product.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Stephen Francis
Great product, Great Customer Service

Product comes delivered as promised.
Price is very competitive, had an issue with my shaver not charging , emailed customer service they sent out a new shaver unit within a week.
They stick by their guarantee.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Gregory Jones
Razor refill

I ordered FREEBIRD about 2 months and without my consent a razor refill was. Charged to my account," I desputed the charge and had to wait 4 days to get another card in the mail ,so I cancelled all transactions with you and will never order from you again

FlexSeries™ Blade
Jarvell Scott-Craig
Awesome product

Im impressed with freebird shaver. I like i can go a little longer before having to shave my head. Its easy to clean and works well in shower. It do take a couple of going over the shave for smooth shave. I use the freebird first then use my 5star for a smooth bald head.

FlexSeries™ Travel Case
Margarita Mondragon
Cool case

Pretty neat, there is a space for everything except the shaver charging holder.

FlexSeries™ Blade
Paul Blayney

It does all that I'm looking for, I'm very pleased with my choice of shavers.