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Bald and Bold: How Shaving Your Head Can Boost Confidence

Do you wake up each morning and sigh whenever you see your balding head in the mirror?

I know how you feel. I've been there. My initial reaction was to dive deeper into hair growth products and try the best ones (as if male pattern baldness has a cure). Head shaving didn't enter my mind, so I went down the rabbit hole.

If you're at a crossroads and thinking about shaving your head, you're onto something.

After spending time and money on hair growth products that can never restore my hair (I was in the 6th stage on the Norwood scale), I finally decided to shave my head.

Norwood Scale

This was decades ago, and I've never regretted my decision. Shaving my head was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Join me as we talk about the psychological benefits of head shaving and a reliable shaver's role in all this.

Is it Time to Shave Your Head?

Head shaving is a major decision; you don't need to rush. But if you feel like you've reached the end by trying hair growth products (like me), head shaving is the best option.

Deciding when to shave is up to you. You can consider it at the start of balding (since it will progress anyway). Or choose to shave once you've reached the final stage of the Norwood scale. 

How to Tell Someone to Shave Their Head (Nicely)

bald men talking

Did you know that more than 50% of men will get male pattern baldness when they reach 50? There's a 50/50 joke in there somewhere.

You most likely know someone who is balding and stressed out due to their condition; head shaving is good advice to give.

Keep in mind that there is a right way to say it. Never say it out of the blue. Timing is essential due to the sensitive topic. Wait for them to open up about their hair woes and ask if you can give advice.

Read our article on how to handle such situations.

The Top Psychological Benefits of Shaving Your Head

Relieve Stress

Counting how many hairs you have on your pillow can be stressful, especially if you've spent a ton on that "miracle" hair growth serum that's supposed to restore your precious locks.

It's stressful when you wear a wig and are out on a windy day or a swimming trip with the family. Wearing hats to cover your balding head can also be stressful. 

Shaving your head is the best answer to all these stressful situations.

Boost Confidence

Everyone will agree that a bald head looks a million times better than a balding one. The horseshoe at the back of my head is one of the reasons why I decided to shave. For me, it looks better clean-shaven than having thick hair outside the horseshoe and hairless inside it.

Do you want to look tougher, taller and more dominant? Shave your head. Check out this study.

Attract Women

Shaving is a sign that you're comfortable in your skin and don't care what people think.

One article said that a combover is one of the things women most hate, and that they prefer shaved heads over it. The same article also talks about a survey done saying that women thought of baldness as "not an issue" to "totally sexy."

Build Relationships

Have you thought about your smooth dome being a conversation starter? I used to joke about my baldness whenever I was asked to speak about my e-book on love, courtship, and marriage.

It was an effective icebreaker that warmed me up with the audience and showed I was confident with my baldness.

You'll be surprised how many doors to new friendships and connections will open when they see how bald and bold you are. 

A Fresh Start

Sometimes, a clean slate is all we need. Haven't you noticed that some women cut their hair short after a break-up?

Shaving your head is similar to women cutting their hair short, symbolizing leaving the past and starting anew.

Starting the Journey with a Reliable Shaver

Freebird FlexSeries Shaving Kit

The first step in your head-shaving journey is choosing a reliable shaver.

With plenty of choices, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one, so we've listed them for you.

Here are the top reasons you'd want a reliable razor as your sidekick on your bald journey.

Built to Last

Since head shaving is now a part of your grooming routine, you need a reliable shaver that's built to last. A cheap razor may bog down after a few shaves and leave you with a patchy, irritated head. 

Buying a reliable electric shaver will give you years of continuous hassle-free shaving.

Designed for Bald Heads

Regular shavers work well on flat surfaces and may not be as effective on the curves of our heads. Choosing a reliable head shaver adapts to the shape of our scalps and provides the smoothest shave possible.

Less Skin Irritation

Freebird ScalpSafe Blades

A reliable shaver has sharp, long-lasting blades that quickly cut through coarse hair

Some have hypoallergenic blades that work well for various scalp sensitivities.

The Bottom Line

Shaving your head isn't just about hair. It's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Start your journey by investing in the FlexSeries from Freebird:

Freebird FlexSeries Shaving Kit

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