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The 7 Best Head Shavers for Black Men

Not all head shavers will work on a black bald head. If you're looking for the best electric shaver for black men, it's your lucky day.

Black men's hair is unique; it's coarse, thick, curly, and tough. That's why choosing the best head shaver for black men is essential for the best head-shaving experience.

With so many head shavers available, picking the right one can be daunting. We've made things easier by listing some of the best and discussing what you should look for in a shaver.

The 7 Best Head Shavers For Black Men

#1 - Freebird FlexSeries - Top Pick for Head Shaver for Black Men

Freebird FlexSeries shaving kit

The Freebird FlexSeries is our top pick for a head shaver for black men. With its powerful motor and sharp ScalpSafe Technology blades designed to cut coarse and curly hair, it's no surprise that many black men give good reviews of the FlexSeries.

The FlexSeries is also the best electric shaver for black men with sensitive skin

When you buy the FlexSeries, you'll also get:

  • A nose and ear trimmer

  • Skin exfoliation brush

  • Head scrubber

  • Precision trimmer

  • Three safety guards

A powerful shaver and many accessories are a good deal for all black baldies.

Buy from the Freebird website or on Amazon.

#2 - Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO - Runner Up for Best Head Shaver for Black Men

Skull shaver pitbull gold

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is second in our best head shaver for black men. The Gold Pro is better for black guys because it has a more powerful motor and a larger battery than the Silver PRO. You'll surely enjoy the ergonomic handle that Pitbull shavers are known for.

Its patented design features two deep finger cutouts on the shaver's body, allowing you to hold the cutting head between your index and middle finger with your palm facing your head. This grip lessens the strain on your wrist and is one of the selling points for Pitbull shavers.

It's #2 because it's significantly more expensive than the FlexSeries, has only four blades instead of five, and has no additional attachments.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

#3 - Remington Shortcut Pro - Best Hair Clipper for Black Men

Remington shortcut pro

If you're looking for a cordless electric clipper that works well with black men's hair, The Remington Shortcut Pro is one of the best electric shavers for black men who want a buzz cut versus a smooth bald dome.

It's lightweight, quiet, and waterproof. Plus, you'll love the ergonomic design with its wider curved blades covering more areas than other shavers. The Shortcut Pro also features self-sharpening blades, so you don't have to worry about regular blade replacements.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

#4 - Braun Series 9 Pro 9477 Electric Razor - Best Luxury Head Shaver for Black Men

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477

For black dudes who want a high-end shaver that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson uses, The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477 is an excellent place to start.

Off the bat, the Series 9 looks expensive. Its excellent design and chrome finish exude luxury, but the question is, does it perform?

Yes, it does. The Pro 9477's sharp blades can easily cut through a black dude's coarse and curly hair. It also features a pivoting head that gives you the smoothest head and facial shave you can experience from an electric foil shaver.

Buy from their website or at Walmart.

#5 - Headblade ATX Razor - Best Manual Razor Design

Headblade ATX Razor

The Headblade ATX Razor may look like a kid's toy, but it's an excellent tool for shaving your black bald head.

The ATX cartridge has four blades, a lube strip, a rubber guide, and two front wheels that help glide your razor while shaving. Blades flex back and forth, which allows for shaving curly and coarse hair.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

#6 - The Leaf Razor - Best Eco-Friendly Manual Razor

The Leaf Razor

Are you looking for an eco-friendly manual razor for shaving your head? The Leaf Razor is 100% plastic-free and can give you a smooth head shave.

It features a multi-blade pivoting head, which means fewer passes. Its super sharp blades can cut thick and curly hair without irritation.

The Leaf Razor may be pricey, but it's worth every penny.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

#7 - Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Razor - Best Manual Razor for Sensitive Skin

Gillette Mach 3

Gillette's Mach 3 Sensitive Razor always comes up in forums as a shaver black men use for head shaving. It's no surprise since the guys at Gillette have been in the shaving game for over a century.

The Mach 3 blades are more robust than steel and feature a head that can flex 60 degrees. That means it can shave along the various contours of your head.

Buy from Amazon.

What are the Challenges Black Men Face When Shaving?

Sensitive skin type

black man shaving getting irritated

If you're a black man with sensitive skin, you'll have to test what works best for you. Not everyone has the same experience; it's not a one-size-fits-all thing with head shaving. Some black men may experience a smooth shave with electric shavers, while others may break out and get irritated. A cartridge razor and wet shaving may be a better option.

If it's your first time trying electric head shavers, go with the entry-level or mid-range priced shavers first. You wouldn't want to spend $400 on a Braun Series 9 and discover it doesn't work for you.

The Freebird FlexSeries is one of the best options in this situation. It's priced competitively and is a performer. Black men have used the FlexSeries and experienced a smooth, irritation-free shave.

Coarse and Curly hair

black man with coarse and curly hair

It's common for black men to have coarse and curly hair, which makes it harder to pick the best electric shaver for you. Having curly hair raises the chances of hair growing back into the skin, which means that ingrown hair and razor bumps are a usual consequence of head shaving.

Some black men have had bad experiences with foil shavers. Curly hair usually gets caught in foil screens or doesn't go through because they're thicker. The bad news is it gets pulled and not cut. Ouch.

Is it time to give up on electric shavers?

Not yet. There's still hope.

While foil shavers may not work for the majority of black dudes, electric rotary shavers, on the other hand, have performed well for them.

What to Look for in an Electric Shaver Suitable for Black Men?

A powerful motor

black man wet shaving with rotary shaver

Cutting through a black man's thicker, coarser, and curlier hair can be challenging. You'll need a powerful motor to cut it effortlessly. An electric shaver at 8500 RPM is a good baseline - don't get anything under that. When choosing between brands, go for electric shavers with higher RPMs. 

Multiple sharp blades

Freebird's Flexible 5 blade system

FlexSeries ScalpSafe Rotary Blades

Electric shavers with multiple blades are a good idea. Choosing 4 or 5 blades will be better than those with 2 or 3 blades. More blades mean you can finish quicker and need fewer strokes, which is ideal for black men with sensitive skin. For black bald heads, the fewer strokes, the better to avoid irritation.

The key to avoiding skin irritation is to shave the right way, which means doing a pre-shave and post-shave routine, which we will discuss later. 

Long and powerful battery 

The best bald head shaver for African Americans features a powerful and long-lasting battery. You wouldn't want your electric shaver to die while shaving, so look for a battery with at least 600 mAh.


If you prefer shaving in the shower or wet shaving with your electric shaver, you need to buy a waterproof one. Wet shaving is better than dry shaving if you have sensitive skin. Look for a shaver with at least IPX5 waterproofing.

Built-in trimmer

An electric shaver with a built-in trimmer can come in handy when traveling and you need a quick shave.

Easy to maintain

Freebird FlexSeries blade refill

Today's electric shavers are easy to clean and maintain. Some feature an auto cleaning station, self-sharpening blades, or blades that last for 50 shaves before replacement. For rotary shavers, cleaning the blades is a breeze. All you need to do is place them under running water (ensure they're waterproof), and you're done. For foil shavers, you must remove the foils and brush them clean with your cleaning brush. If you own a waterproof foil shaver, you can place the blades and foil under running water to clean them.

Pre- and Post-Shave Routine for Black Men (Wet Shaving)

We've chosen the wet shaving routine because we're dealing with black men's hair, which has different characteristics.


We begin by washing our face and head with warm water to open pores and soften facial and head hair. If you're shaving your head, be sure to trim it close with a hair trimmer for best results.

black man applying shaving cream

Next, we put shaving cream or gel on our beard, mustache, or head. Cover the entire area you're shaving and gently massage into a lather.


Now it's time for the shave!

Make sure your blades are clean and sharp, and if you're using disposable cartridge razors, grab a new one.

black man shaving

You can shave with or against the grain (or a combination of both.) If you have a sensitive skin type and don't mind not having a little bit of stubble, shaving with the grain will be perfectly fine for you and more comfortable. If you want your shave to last longer and have a very close shave, you'll want to shave with the grain first and then shave against the grain to ensure all those hairs are gone.


black man applying moisturizer

Once you are done shaving, it's time for our post-shave routine.

After rinsing your face with cold water, apply aftershave and then use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and prevent irritation.

And you're done!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what makes black men's hair unique and the type of shaver you need, it's time to pick one from our list for that perfect head-shaving experience.

Switching to an electric shaver is a good option if you want a faster and safer shave without the nicks and cuts. However, traditional razors are your best choice if you want a closer shave. Just be careful with your shaving technique to avoid irritation, nicks, and cuts.


Do black men need specific head shavers?

Yes. Since black men's hair is thicker, coarser, and curlier than others, you must choose head shavers with sharp blades and powerful motors(for electric shavers). If you have sensitive skin, you must also pick a shaver that works well with sensitive skin.

How often should the blades on the head shavers be replaced?

It depends on how often you shave and whether you use traditional or electric shaver blades.

If you shave daily using a traditional safety razor, the blades should be replaced every week or when they become dull. Cartridge razor blades last 5 to 10 shaves before replacement.

Electric shaver blades last longer. The FlexSeries, for example, lasts 50 shaves before needing to be replaced. Typically, electric shaver blades last 12 to 18 months before replacement.

Are there any special shaving techniques that black men should follow?

You can shave with the grainagainst the grain, or apply the three-shave pass method. You'll know which method works for you when you try them. It's always better to shave with the grain to avoid skin irritation.

What is the difference between foil and rotary shavers, and which is better for black men?

The main difference between foil and rotary shavers is their shaving direction. Foil shavers can only shave one way, either horizontally or vertically, while rotary shavers can shave in circular motions.

Foil shavers are better for finer hairs, while rotary shavers are better for black men's hair since they can easily cut through thicker and curlier hair.

Is wet or dry shaving better for black men?

Black men's skin is usually more sensitive, so it's better to have a wet shave. If you have tough skin, you can do a dry shave as long as you don't experience irritation.

Can electric shavers be used for both head and facial hair?

Yes, electric shavers can be used for both head and facial hair. If you're shaving your head, it's better to choose electric shavers explicitly designed for that purpose.

How can black men deal with ingrown hair?

One of the easiest ways for black men to deal with ingrown hair is to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation can lower the chances of ingrown hair by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Using a sharp razor and shaving with the grain reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

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