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How to Tell Someone They Should Shave Their Head

Do you have a friend or loved one with male pattern baldness, and it's starting to affect their confidence? You know that a shaved head could be a game changer, but talking about it feels like walking over a razor pit.

We know how you feel. We've listed down ways to navigate this sensitive conversation and ensure that your special someone will come out of your talk rocking their bald head confidently.

How do bald people feel?

photo of bald man depressed

Before discussing the right approach to telling someone to shave their head, let's find out how balding people feel.

Hair loss, especially for younger people, can be a devastating experience. It's common for balding people to lose confidence and even go through depression due to hair loss. For those who treat their hair as part of their identity, losing it can lead to an identity crisis. That's how serious this condition can be.

I grew up in a society where bald men were the butt of jokes and ridicule. But this was decades ago, and I can say that times have changed regarding how people view baldness.

Some approaches you can consider

It can feel like you're walking on eggshells when you discuss hair loss with a person going bald, but some approaches may work better. Try applying these suggestions when you have the "talk" with your special baldie.

Choose the right time and place

man and woman having a private conversation

Timing is everything when having this sensitive conversation. Don't bring this up publicly or when your bald friend isn't feeling well. Find a private place to talk and ensure they're in a good mood when you finally pop the suggestion.

Try an open-ended inquiry

First, remember to empathize, be sensitive, and be respectful when discussing hair loss with a balding individual.

Instead of directly suggesting head shaving, why not ask open-ended questions that may spark their interest, like:

  • I saw this amazing shaved head style on social media, and it made me think it would look good on you!

  • If you could pick a hairstyle, what would you choose?

  • Have you considered how much you would save if you shaved your head?

  • I watched a boxing match and noticed fighters sporting buzz cuts; you're still training for pro-fights, right? Maybe you can start a trend in your gym.

This approach allows them to explore the idea without the pressure and opens up a natural conversation.

Pressure or giving deadlines is not what they need. Going bald is enough pressure already. They don't need added pressure from the people around them telling them what they should do. Let it be their idea that you helped them realize.

Let them read our article on Should I Shave My Head? to give them more insights.

Appeal to their interests

You can open up a conversation about head shaving by discussing things your bald friend loves. If he loves cars and watching movies, you can try the Fast and the Furious angle approach. You may have seen the meme discussing what the Fast and Furious male stars have in common. Some of them are bald!

If your favorite baldie loves sunglasses, why not bring up the latest shades that The Rock, Vin Diesel, or Jason Statham is wearing? You can then lead the convo to head shaving and buying the same pair of sunglasses to achieve the same look.

photo of Jason Statham wearing sunglasses

photo via Maxim

Show them photos or videos of celebrities or athletes your bald friend admires. Helping them visualize things may help them decide to shave their head.

Discuss the benefits

Once you've broken the ice, you can discuss the benefits of head shaving and choosing a smooth dome.


bald man wearing a beanie

Head shaving gives your bald friend a chance to rock a new style. You can check out our article on hats and sunglasses for baldies to provide ideas on how to style their new look.


bald business man dressed up and wearing sunglasses

For some people, accepting hair loss can signify a powerful act of self-acceptance. It doesn't matter if society or culture places a stigma on baldness. Rocking a shaved head despite existing beauty standards can be an empowering experience.

A study shows that head shavers are seen as tougher and more dominant.

Low Maintenance

bald man having a haircut at a salon

Hair loss can save a lot of money on hair care. For me, a regular-sized shampoo bottle can last between 3 and 6 months; imagine the savings!

When I decided to shave my head, I bought my own set of hair clippers. It served its purpose since I was content with having a buzz cut. Now, I upgraded to the latest electric rotary head shaver from Freebird.

My Freebird FlexSeries, has been a trusted companion that works well for my sensitive skin. Again, I saved a lot on trips to the barber. At $15-30 per head shave once a week for ten years, you do the math.

Share your experience if applicable

two bald men having a conversation while working on motorcycles

The best person to have this bald conversation with is someone who shares the same experience and has overcome the stigma.

If you're not bald, you should ask others in your family or circle of friends that your baldie respects and would listen to when having a head-shaving conversation.

Remember, tread lightly, don't judge, and avoid making unsolicited comments.

Deal with concerns

If they're hesitant, listen to their concerns and discuss options and solutions. Who knows, you might be the one voice they need to finally break free from the stigma of baldness and embrace their baldness with confidence.

How do they start? What should they buy? If they start asking these questions, you can always point them to reputable shops online that care for bald people.

For starters, check out our guides on choosing the best electric shaver and how to shave your head.

Head Shaving: Emphasize the choice is theirs

Shaving one's head is a major decision. It's ultimately theirs and not yours to make. Be prepared for rejection. No matter what your bald friend decides, offer support.

It should never be personal. If they say no to your suggestion, always be there for them when they need you.

Freebird FlexSeries shaving kit


How do you tell your boyfriend to shave his head?

Respect and sensitivity are vital in having this conversation with your boyfriend. Avoid being blunt and critical. You can say, "I've always loved the buzzed look; have you ever considered it?" If he answers in the affirmative, you can now highlight the benefits of head shaving, like being low maintenance, stylish, and an empowering decision.

How do you tell a woman to shave her head?

You must tweak your approach when telling a woman to shave her head. A woman's hair may be more deeply intertwined with her identity than a man's. Be mindful of these when talking about hair loss and head shaving. Give examples of women who have shaved their heads, like Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, or Charlize Theron, and show her the new style or look she could build with her new smooth dome.

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