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8 Benefits of Shaving Your Head Bald

Starting your head-shaving journey isn't just a style choice but a lifestyle change with plenty of benefits.

Beyond the aesthetic transformation, it's about embracing your chosen look and redefining your relationship with hair loss.

Join me as we explore the benefits of shaving your head and discover why head shaving may be one of the best decisions you've made in your life.

Top 8 Benefits Of Head Shaving

If you think shaving your head is reserved for action stars and athletes, times have changed. Head shaving is now a legit lifestyle choice that more and more men and women embrace and accept.

Shaving your head has numerous benefits, from saving time to beating the summer heat, and other benefits. Let's take a look at each one.

#1 Try a New Look

bald man in shades wearing a coat

A shaved head allows you to explore a different version of yourself. Whether dealing with male pattern baldness or boredom with your current look, going bald can shake things up and become your new go-to style.

Nowadays, being bald is no longer perceived as a negative situation. Research shows that men with bald heads are considered more dominant and attractive.

Sporting a new "no-hairstyle" means you're taking control and are not afraid of trying something new.

Bad hair days are now a thing of the past.

#2 Save Money on Haircare Products

hair care products

How much do you spend on haircare products? I spent a considerable amount on hair growth products that didn't work. When I started shaving my head, I was surprised at how much I saved.

Hair care products like gels, mousse, and sprays can cost up to $25 monthly for low-priced products. Buying high-end brands can run over $100 a month.

Imagine the added savings.

If you shave your head, you'll save even more on trips to the salon or the barbershop. That's another $35 a month, minimum, saved.

Significant savings? You bet.

You can now afford monthly gym payments and upgrade to a new head shaver to enhance your look.

#3 Save Time

bald man looking at his watch

Morning hair routines can be a bummer. You always want to hit the snooze button whenever your alarm goes off.

Shaving your head is a game changer and time saver. Electric head shavers can give you a smooth dome in 90 seconds.

Imagine waking up, shaving for a few minutes, showering, and being ready to go.

A shaved head also means less maintenance than when you had hair‚ÄĒno more combing, styling, or drying. Showers and shampooing take less time now that you're sporting a bald head.

Time is precious, and we all have the same 24 hours to work with. Saving time is one of the benefits of shaving your head that you'll surely appreciate.

#4 Deal with anxiety due to hair loss

bald man emotional with hand covering face

Male pattern baldness affects 50% of men when they reach 50. It's a progressive hair loss condition that you can only slow down but not cure. When this condition hits you, hair follicles die, and hair density decreases.

Thinning hair and hair loss can cause anxiety and depression. Many have lost their self-esteem and become desperate, looking for solutions that will never work.

Wearing hats or wigs to conceal male pattern hair loss doesn't solve the root problem and may not boost confidence. Fake hair ultimately feels "fake" and is hard to maintain. It's also more embarrassing when a wig falls off due to poor adhesion.

Embracing baldness and shaving your head can help boost confidence and deal with anxiety and depression once and for all.

#5 Enjoy Cooler Summers

bald man laying on the beach relaxing

Summers are cooler with a shaved head. Sweaty hair is hard to style, and the extra coverage can make you feel hotter.

Remember to moisturize and add sun protection for your shaved head when you go out during the summer months. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is an excellent product to buy for starters.

#6 Attract More Women

bald man beside attractive woman

One of the top benefits of shaving your head that will surely excite you is the ability to attract more women.

Is it just me, or do men with male pattern hair loss who have chosen a shaved head look better bald?

Many newbie head shavers look 5 to 10 years younger.

Ask head shavers who have taken the plunge, and you'll likely hear similar responses. Head shaving has made them more confident. This confidence boost is one of the reasons why they look better after shaving‚ÄĒno more stress, worry, and depression due to hair loss. First-time head shavers exude an utterly different countenance when they emerge from their head shave.

One study shows that women find bald men attractive because they're considered 6% more confident and 13% stronger.

What do Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and The Rock have in common? They all rock their bald heads with confidence.

Owning your baldness radiates self-assurance and a take-charge attitude, traits many women find more attractive.

#7 Bring Out Your Best Features

photo of attractive bald man

Imagine walking into a crowded room sporting a smooth dome. Who will attract the most attention?

A bald head will draw more looks and bring out your best facial features. A shaved head will make your unique facial structure, eyebrows, eyes, and beard look better than when you had hair.

A bald head is like having a blank canvas you can work with.

You can choose a sleek, sophisticated vibe, rock a buzz cut for a more rugged look, or experiment with different beard designs. The possibilities are endless!

#8 Helps fight dandruff

When dead skin cells build up on your scalp, dandruff appears. It's a common condition that can surprisingly be minimized by shaving your head. If you thought bald heads couldn't get dandruff, they still could, but in rare instances.

We've gone deeper into this in our comprehensive article on how to get rid of dandruff on a bald head.

When should men shave their heads?

The decision to shave your head is a major one. It's a decision that could ultimately change your life. If you ask those who have decided to choose shaving over:

  • wearing wigs

  • covering baldness with hats

  • doing endless combovers

  • spending a fortune on treatments that don't work

They wish they had decided on head shaving sooner.

When should you shave your head? The sooner, the better. Now that you've read about the numerous benefits, there's no time to waste.

Ditch the wig and the comb, stop spending money on hair growth products, and start wearing hats to enhance your style and not to cover up your hair loss.

Things to Remember After Shaving Your Head Bald

Invest in an Electric Shaver

Freebird FlexSeries Kit

A safety razor can give the closest shave, but you'll need skill and extra care to avoid getting nicks and cuts.

A high-quality electric shaver should be at the top of your list of shaving tools. We know many products are on the market, and choosing one can be daunting. We've made things easier by listing the best head shavers for men. Do you have sensitive skin but want to start shaving your head? We've compiled a list of the best shavers for you, too.

We recommend Freebird's FlexSeries rotary electric shaver. It gives a close shave and is designed for those with sensitive skin.

Sun Protection

Bald men are more prone to sunburn, which may lead to skin cancers. Use sunscreen or wear head protection when outdoors and spend extended hours under the sun.


Freebird Moisturizer

Regular head shaving can cause scalp dryness and itchy skin. Keep your scalp hydrated by using a gentle moisturizer. You'll be thankful that you moisturized. Razor burns and bumps after shaving your head can be a hassle.

My first razor burn experience wasn't pleasant because I failed to moisturize during my shaving routine.

moisturizer with natural ingredients is a good option for those with sensitive scalps.

Style with Hats

bald man wearing a hat and shades outdoors

You may have worn hats because you were self-conscious and wanted to conceal your receding hairline; now, you can wear hats to enhance your style. Hats can also provide the best protection against harmful UV rays because they cover your head completely.

You'll look good in a beanie during winter, a fedora in the fall, and a straw hat during summer.

How to shave your head safely with an electric shaver

bald man shaving with rotary electric shaver

We prepare our electric shaver, ensuring the blades are sharp. Clean your scalp and apply pre-shave oil or shaving cream if you prefer a wet shave. Start shaving your head toward your hair growth to avoid irritation. Wash blades after a few passes to remove cut hair. Check for missed spots and make a second pass until your head is smooth.

You can check out our guide for a more in-depth guide on how to shave your head.

The Bottom Line

While a smooth head may not be everyone's preference, many men have enjoyed the freedom head shaving brings.

We understand that shaving your head for the first time can be overwhelming. But once you overcome the jitters, everything will be smooth sailing.

The day you decide to shave your head is the day you break free from all the stress and anxiety of hair loss.

Stop fighting a losing battle by trying to restore a full head of hair. Embrace your new low-maintenance and high-impact lifestyle.

Going bald is a personal journey. Take your time, do your research, and enjoy the ride.

Remember, shaved heads are the new sexy.

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