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How Often Should You Shave Your Head?

Do you remember the feeling when you decided to shave your head? The freedom of sporting a perfectly shaved head also comes with new questions like how often should you shave your head?

Join me as we determine how often we should whip out our head shavers, learn head shaving tips, and crack the code on optimal shaving frequency.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Shave My Head?

You chose to shave your head to get rid of that balding horseshoe look that comes with male-pattern baldness. Shaving frequently keeps your appearance neat and clean, but there are things you must consider before deciding how often you should shave per week.

If you're new to the head-shaving game, it's pretty much trial and error.

How many times per week should we shave? There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Our hair grows differently, plus the many factors that impact our decision also matter, so how often we shave will be up to us.

Generally, shaving 2 to 3 times a week is what most shavers do. You'll figure out what works for you when you start shaving and consider the factors we share next. Remember that razor burn can change how often you should shave your head.

Factors to consider on how often you should shave your head


bald guy sporting a buzz cut

Some head shavers prefer to keep their bald head free from stubble and rock a smooth dome. Daily shaving becomes a lifestyle if a bit of stubble becomes an irritant.

Others may prefer the little stubble look over the smooth dome so that the shaving frequency would differ once more.


Others shave twice a week due to their busy schedule. Whatever works for you and becomes your sweet spot will most likely become your shaving routine.

I shave once a week since I work from home. I shave on weekends because this is when we go out as a family, either attending church or eating out.

Shaving adds a few minutes to your daily routine, and if you're pressed for time, you may not have enough to perform daily head shaving.

Skin Sensitivity

Do you have sensitive skin? Razor burns and razor bumps are no joke. I experienced razor burn before, and it was something I wouldn't want to feel again.

If your skin isn't as tough against the razor, you may need to let it heal and rest before shaving again. I shave weekly because of this; like I said, no more razor burn.

If your skin can take daily shaving and you prefer a shiny head over a matte look, then shaving every day is ideal.


If you choose a clean-shaven face, it would be convenient to shave your head and face simultaneously. Stubble will grow at the same rate on your scalp and face.

The routine, tools, and preparation are the same, so why shave another day?

I chose to shave my head and face at the same time. It saves time and matches the look and style I prefer.

Mastering the art of head-shaving

Once you've determined your shaving frequency, the next step is to master the art of head shaving. Before you shave your head, you need the right tools and apply the proper techniques. Here are the best head-shaving tips you can use when shaving your head.

Choosing the right tools

Choosing the right tools for head shaving is crucial. You can't go wrong with choosing the best electric shaver, moisturizer, shaving cream, and pre-shave products.

Electric shaver vs. foil shaver

photo of foil shaver vs rotary shaver

As I shared previously, razor burn is not a pleasant experience. If you have sensitive skin like me, choosing an electric razor that works well with sensitive skin should be a priority. Next, you have to answer the debate on whether a foil shaver or electric razor is a good option for you. Check out our comprehensive guide to find out. Don't forget to change the blades on your electric shaver regularly. A sharp razor is crucial for that clean bald head look without scalp irritation.

Trim your hair

You should trim your hair with a clipper if you shave weekly like I do. Using your electric shaver on long hair will dull blades and clog them up faster.

Trimming your hair short before shaving your head is best to avoid this situation. Freebird has a new hair clipper that's also good for trimming your beard.

Pre-shave routine

bald man applying pre shave oil

You can't skip a pre-shave routine if you want your head shaved pain-free. I learned this the hard way when, out of excitement and getting used to my old routine, I did a dry shave when I first got my new electric rotary shaver. The result was a razor burn on my neck area.

I now diligently apply pre-shave oil and use coconut soap as a lubricant. Be generous with your pre-shave oil, and lather your entire head. I've never experienced razor burns since I applied this routine.

Shave your head

bald man shaving in the shower using rotary shaver

Make sure your electric razor is fully charged before shaving. Check your blades; while electric shaver blades last longer than traditional razor blades, they also need replacement.

Begin shaving along the grain if you have sensitive skin. Shaving against the grain may give you a closer shave but may irritate you.

After a few passes, wash your blades to remove excess hair and shaving lotion.

Take your time when shaving. Electric shaving already halves shaving time, so there's no need to rush. Don't forget to shave your neck area. A smooth dome with neck hairs isn't a good look.

Run your hand along your head to check for missed spots. Go over missed areas, and then you're done shaving your head.

Post Shave Routine

bald man applying moisturizer after head shaving

Rinse your shaved area with cool water to remove hair clippings and shaving gel. Towel dry after rinsing.

Dry skin is bad news for a bald man. The best way to moisturize your freshly shaved head is to use a moisturizer designed for baldies like you and me.

If you're going out on a sunny day, apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn on your scalp. Go for SPF 50+ and broad spectrum for maximum protection. UV rays are a bald man's enemy. Since we don't have hair, our scalp burns faster when directly exposed to the sun. Apply generously to your scalp, forehead, neck, and ears.

A sunburned scalp is painful since our scalps are more sensitive than other body parts.

You can check out our detailed guide on how to shave your head.

The Bottom Line

How often you should shave your head boils down to what works for you. They say that two to three times a week is the sweet spot, but it would depend on the factors we shared in this guide.

Your grooming routine will change now that you've decided to shave your head.

Stick to the basics, like investing in the right electric shaver and applying the proper shaving techniques, and you'll be good to go.

Experiment, adjust, and enjoy the head-shaving lifestyle.


Can you shave your head every day?

You can shave daily, but this depends on whether your skin allows it. Shaving daily can be rough on our scalps. If you have sensitive skin like me, you may have a dry and irritated scalp if you shave daily.

Giving your head time to heal and rest is the ideal routine for better scalp care. Apply our head-shaving tips above for the best results.

How long does a shaved head last?

Hair growth rate varies per person. Some grow stubble the next day, while others may go 2 to 3 days with a smooth dome. On average, shaving 2 to 3 times a week is an excellent routine to maintain that clean-shaven look.

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