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How Often Should You Replace Electric Shaver Blades & Foils?

Did you know that using worn-out shaver blades can lead to skin irritation and ineffective shaves? Many shavers continue using their blades long past their prime, leading to uncomfortable shaves and potential skin irritation.

In this guide, we’ll uncover how long electric shaver foils and blades typically last, why timely replacement is key, and the signs that it's time to swap out your old blades and foils. Plus, we'll share a savvy hack to save money on blade replacements.

Whether you're a daily shaver or someone who freshens up occasionally, understanding blade maintenance is key to a smooth and efficient shave.

How Long Do Rotary Shaver Blades Last?

Your electric razor's manufacturer gives you an idea of how long your shaver blades and foils will last, but these are just estimates because no two baldies use their shavers alike.

Here are the things we need to consider:

  • Do you have coarse or thick hair?

  • Do you shave daily?

  • Do you have high-quality or long-lasting blades?

  • Do you clean and lubricate your shaver?

  • Do you shave facial hair and body hair?

For example, Freebird's ScalpSafe blades last around 50 shaves before needing replacement. Factoring in the conditions above gives you an idea of how long the blades will last.

Why You Need to Replace Your Foils and Blades

No matter how sharp or long-lasting your electric shaver blades are, they will eventually become dull.

Dull blades can cause skin irritation and unwanted ingrown hairs, and we don't want that now, do we?

It's funny because some newbies may not know that blades and foils can be replaced, so they buy new electric shavers instead. A very expensive hobby!

Buying replacement blades is obviously cheaper than getting a new unit, especially when your brand offers subscriptions or memberships, which we'll discuss later.

How Do You Know When to Change Shaving Blades?

There are telltale signs that show up when electric shaver blades and foils need to be replaced.

Added Passes

bald man shaving with rotary shaver

If you notice that you make more passes than usual to get a close shave, it's a sign that you have a dull blade. 

Less Comfort

Razor burn and ingrown hairs indicate your electric shaver blades are dull. You need to replace them when you start feeling uncomfortable when you shave.

Pulling and Tugging

Your electric shaver or foil shaver blades must be replaced if your electric shaver pulls and tugs on your hair.

Hot Blades and Foils

If you notice your electric shaver blades and foils are a little warmer than usual, it's a sign that you need blade replacement.

Does Your Shaver Have a Subscription Plan? - A Replacement Blade Hack

Some of the best-selling electric shaver brands offer subscriptions that allow you to purchase replacement blades at a discount. Skull Shaver, Freebird, and Groomie are good examples.

Freebird recommends replacing their ScalpSafe blades after 50 shaves or every 1 to 3 months, depending on how often you shave. If you subscribe, you can get blades at a 20% discount, with prices starting at $16.95.

Once subscribed, you'll receive automatic shipments every six weeks by default. Depending on your specific requirements, you can modify/cancel, or change this anytime.

If you haven't bought a FlexSeries shaving kit yet and want to try it out, it's also better to buy it with a subscription since you can buy it for a reasonable cost of only $39.95 versus paying $59.95 without a subscription.

Freebird FlexSeries Shaving Kit

How to Care for Your Blades and Lengthen Their Lifespan


lubricating rotary shaver blades

Some electric razors have their own cleaning stations that not only clean your shaver, but lubricate its blades as well. You must lubricate your electric shaver regularly if you don't have a cleaning station.

Proper lubrication is one way to prolong your shaver and your blades' lifespan. Excessive friction can deform or damage blades and foils. Lubrication can lessen friction and help the blades and your razor's motor last longer.

Refer to your electric razor owner's manual on how to lubricate.


cleaning rotary blades under running water

Unless your razor has a cleaning station, cleaning blades should be part of your shaving routine to keep them in top shape.

Our busy schedules may cause us to forego cleaning our electric shavers and blades regularly but we should make it a habit to clean our shavers after each shave. Whether you dry shave or wet shave, your shaving heads and inner blades will accumulate hair clippings, dirt, shaving cream, or gel residue, and dead skin cells. A dirty shaving head can affect your shaver's performance.

Modern shavers are usually super easy to clean. As long as your shaver is waterproof, you can just rinse it under running water. You can read our guide on how to clean an electric shaver for more details.

Proper Care

storage of rotary shaver

Where you store your electric shaver also affects blade longevity. You must keep your shaver in a cool and dry place. Moisture causes rust and corrosion, which shortens blade life.

The Bottom Line

A dull blade causes skin irritation and an uncomfortable shave.

Knowing that you can replace blades (because some baldies don't) and when to replace them can save you money and give you a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience.

Check your brand for subscriptions for further savings on new blades.


Do Electric Shavers Need Sharpening?

Today's electric shaver blades are designed to last longer than traditional razors. Once they become dull, replacement blades are available for convenience.

While there are DIY methods for sharpening your electric shaver blades, it's not recommended because you can damage the blades or the shaver itself.

Can You Sharpen Rotary Shaver Blades?

Yes, there are DIY methods to sharpen rotary shaver blades, but as we mentioned, you must proceed cautiously since you may damage the blades and shaver.

How Do You Clean Rotary Shaver Blades?

For a waterproof electric shaver, using hot water and some liquid soap is enough to clean your shaver blades. You can read our article on how to clean an electric head shaver for more detailed instructions.

Do You Need to Oil Rotary Shaver Blades?

If you have a cleaning station with your unit, there's no need to lubricate since these units clean and lubricate for you. If you don't have a cleaning unit, you can place a few drops of mineral oil on your shaver heads and let them run for a few seconds, and you're good.

How Often Should You Replace the Blades and Foils of an Electric Shaver?

Electric shaver blades last longer but they don't last forever. How often you replace them depends on shaving frequency, hair type, and blade quality. If you shave daily and have coarse hair, your blades' lifespan will be shorter than that of a baldie with thin locks who shaves twice a week.

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