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Trimmer vs Shaver: Pick the Right Tool for the Job

Now that you've entered the shaving game, you'll need the perfect tool for your grooming needs. When we talk about grooming products, the trimmer vs shaver debate has raged for years and will continue.

Join me as we dig deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of a beard trimmer and electric shaver so you can choose the right weapon for your grooming arsenal.

What is a Hair Trimmer?

Freebird Trimmer

A hair or beard trimmer is a handy tool designed to...you guessed it...trim your facial hair. It's like having a sculptor's chisel in your hand, perfect for beard and mustache grooming. The beauty of beard trimmers is their ability to cut hair without irritation.

This device is also known as "a rough shaver" since it can cut facial hair and leave stubble, giving you a rough or rugged appearance.

Benefits of Beard Trimmers

man trimming his beard

Here are the benefits of choosing a beard trimmer for your grooming needs:

  • offers unparalleled precision for beard grooming

  • provides a fine stubble finish

  • works on body hair

If this sounds like what you're looking for, we recommend Freebird's Beard Series trimmer as your go-to beard trimmer for facial shaving. It's ideal for all beard styles and lengths.

To help you make the right choice and look at different options, you can check out our guide on the best beard trimmers for men.

Drawbacks of Beard Trimmers

A trimmer will only get you so far if you're going for a clean-shaven look for your facial, head, or body hair. You'll get some stubble left with a trimmer since it can't shave as close as an electric shaver. 

What is an Electric Shaver?

Freebird FlexSeries Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is designed to give a smooth face and a very close shave without the hassles of a manual razor. It replaces the old, trusted razor blade that may provide a close shave but can also cause nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Electric shavers come in foil or rotary shavers, each catering to specific needs. A foil shaver features a foil system that shaves closer, while rotary shavers are good at removing thick and long hair.

Check out our comprehensive guide for an in-depth comparison between foil and rotary shavers. We also have a list of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Electric Shavers

bald man using electric shaver

The essential advantage of electric shavers over the competition is their efficiency. If you're switching from a manual razor, you'll surely appreciate electric razors' speed and convenience. Here are the top benefits of choosing an electric shaver for your grooming routine:

  • Close Shave: provides a skin-close finish for a smoother look

  • Cost Efficiency: gives long-term savings compared to disposable razors

  • Speed: enables fast and efficient shaving

  • Safety: Minimizes risks of nicks and cuts

  • Durable Blades: features long-lasting self-sharpening blades

  • Versatile: suitable for both wet and dry shaving, eliminating the need for shaving cream

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend Freebird's FlexSeries electric shaver. ScalpSafe technology blades quickly cut through facial hair and minimize skin irritation. The FlexSeries also boasts an ergonomic design that allows you to reach behind your ears and neck. You can be done with head or face shaving in 90 seconds and can shave either wet or dry.

Freebird FlexSeries shaving kit

For more electric shaver options, check out our best rotary shaver guide.

Drawbacks of Electric Shavers

Despite electric shavers' benefits, they're not for everyone. Electric shavers also don't give the same precision to maintain specific beard styles if you're rocking a rugged look. Here are the top drawbacks of electric shavers:

  • not as precise as beard trimmers

  • not suited for longer hair

  • higher initial cost

  • doesn't shave as close as a manual razor blade

Electric Shavers vs Beard Trimmers: Which is Right for You?

trimmer and shaver comparison table

Now we're trying to answer the million-dollar question: beard trimmer vs electric shaver?

Preferred Look

If you love experimenting with different beard styles and want a more rugged look, a beard trimmer is your best choice. However, an electric shaver is your best bet if you prefer a smooth and closer shave.

Daily Routine

Another consideration is your daily routine. How much time do you spend grooming?

If speed, efficiency, and a clean-shaven look are your goals, an electric shaver is the best option. If you have more time to work on your beard or mustache, a trimmer is your best bet.


Trimmer blades usually have self-sharpening blades that can last for many years. Electric shaver blades may last a few months but will go blunt and need replacing.  

Body Hair and Head Hair

Beard trimmers may not give as close a shave as their electric shaver counterparts, but they trim body and head hair well. An electric trimmer is your best option for those who prefer a buzz cut to a smooth dome.

Facial Hair Grooming

You can't beat an electric shaver if you want a smooth stubble-free shave. Trimmers, on the other hand, are excellent at grooming beards and mustaches.

Why Not Both

We've established that a trimmer and a shaver have two different specialties. A trimmer is the best tool for shaving while a trimmer, as its name implies, is excellent for hair trimming.

Having both devices in your grooming arsenal is a good idea as you experiment with different looks and styles.

On weekdays, you may use a trimmer for a rugged look and an electric shaver for a clean shave on special occasions.


The battle between electric razors and beard trimmers will continue as more men look to level up from traditional shaving tools. In the ever-evolving facial and head grooming world, the key to choosing the best tool for your grooming needs is picking products that fit your lifestyle and specific needs.

While both devices have pros and cons, upgrading to an electric shaver or beard trimmer over a traditional manual razor is more cost-effective in the long run.

Upgrade to one or both today; you'll surely enjoy the investment.

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