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Introducing the FlexSeries Pro: A Game-Changer in Head Shaving

Welcome to a pivotal moment in grooming technology! I’m Zach from Freebird, and today I'm excited to introduce the FlexSeries Pro.

After three years of development, fueled by your feedback and a commitment to innovation, we've crafted not just an upgrade but a revolution in head shaving.

The FlexSeries Pro is here to elevate your shaving experience like never before.

Customer-Driven Innovation

Our journey to the FlexSeries Pro has been uniquely shaped by you, our community. Every suggestion and piece of feedback over the past three years has directed our efforts, ensuring that the FlexSeries Pro is crafted to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

This new model represents a leap in head shaving technology, developed to address your desire for a smoother, more reliable shave.

Enhancements in 3 Key Areas

We've honed in on three critical areas for improvement: the smoothness of the shave, ease of maintenance, and the shaver’s reliability and durability.

Each upgrade in the FlexSeries Pro is designed to make your daily grooming ritual not only effortless but a luxurious ritual you’ll look forward to.

Freebird FlexSeries Pro Kit contents

Enhancements to Smoothness & Speed

Four-Blade System

Transitioning from a five-blade to a four-blade system, we've optimized the efficiency of each blade. The larger, strategically positioned blades now remove more hair per pass, enhancing both the speed and comfort of your shave.

Convex Blade Design

The innovative Convex Blade Design ensures that the blades conform more naturally to the contours of your head. This adjustment allows for constant contact, maximizing efficiency and providing a closer shave with less effort.

Floating Blade Foils

Our Floating Blade Foils adapt seamlessly to your skin's surface, maintaining optimal contact for an even shave across every curve. This feature significantly enhances the smoothness of each shave, effectively minimizing the number of passes needed.

Larger Foil Blades

The increased size of the foil blades covers more area with each stroke, speeding up the shaving process and enhancing overall smoothness. Fewer strokes mean a quicker shave, letting you enjoy a seamless experience every morning.

Smart Adaptive Motor

The new, robust Adaptive Motor adjusts its speed based on hair density, maintaining consistent power to deliver a smooth, snag-free shave. This motor ensures that your FlexSeries Pro performs reliably, even through dense patches.

Freebird FlexSeries Pro Features

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Two-Part Blade System

Gone are the days of tedious cleaning. Our new Two-Part Blade System features a detachable foil head that allows for quick and easy access, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring your shaver is always ready for action.

Enlarged Hair Chamber

The larger hair chamber holds more shavings, which means you can shave longer between cleanings. This enhancement supports an uninterrupted shaving experience, streamlining your morning routine.

QuickSnap Attachment Hub

The QuickSnap Attachment Hub revolutionizes how you change attachments. Swap from the ScalpSafe blade to the precision trimmer in seconds with a simple snap, saving you time and hassle every day.

Reliability and Durability

Upgraded IPX7 Water Resistance

With the upgraded IPX7 rating, you can confidently shave in the shower. This feature not only ensures no water damage but also simplifies cleaning, enhancing the overall longevity of your device.

Enhanced Battery Life

The new 800 mAH Li-Ion battery offers up to 90 minutes of shaving, a 50% increase over previous models. Designed for over 500 charge cycles, the FlexSeries Pro is built to last and support your busy lifestyle.

Travel Lock Feature

The new Travel Lock feature secures your shaver when not in use, preserving battery life and preventing accidental activation. This practical addition makes the FlexSeries Pro an ideal companion for travel.

Special Offer

To thank you for your loyalty and feedback, we’re offering an exclusive upgrade deal on the FlexSeries Pro—available at the lowest price ever for a limited time. Experience the best in shaving technology with a risk-free 30-day trial.


The FlexSeries Pro is more than just a shaver; it's a testament to what we can achieve together. This advanced tool not only meets your shaving needs but also redefines what you can expect from grooming technology.

Upgrade today, and experience the pinnacle of shaving innovation with the FlexSeries Pro. Visit our website to claim your special offer and join us in revolutionizing grooming routines everywhere.

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