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How to Keep a Bald Head Warm

In our article about the things bald people wish they knew before shaving their heads, one of the most common things mentioned was how cold their heads are now.

You may be thinking, ah, it's because most of our body heat is lost through our heads! Well, dear reader, that would be a common myth (more on that in a minute).

Whether you're a newbie to head shaving or a seasoned veteran baldie, finding ways to keep your head warm is important for our overall health and comfort.

Let's dive in.

Is Most of Our Body Heat Lost Through Our Head?

No. Most expert sources believe this myth started because a U.S. Army Field Manual states that 40% to 45% of body heat is lost through the head.

But a 2008 report in the British Medical Journal states that we lose 7 to 10 percent of our body heat through our heads if uncovered while the rest of our body is covered. Which means even if we are completely covered with gloves, scarves, heat still escapes (7 to 10%) if our heads are exposed (no hats or beanies).

In cold weather, we lose heat through exposed body parts. For example, we lose heat through our legs if we wear shorts while all other parts are covered.

Why Do We Need to Keep Our Heads Warm?

Our body temperature must be close to 98.6 degrees F (37°C) for our vital organs to function properly. During winter or if you're living in low-temperature areas, it's essential to regulate your body temperature because extreme cold can be fatal if not addressed quickly.

If heat is escaping through our exposed domes (even if it's just 10%), we must provide the proper covering to keep our head and body warm.

How to Keep Your Head Warm in Winter

Here are ways to keep our smooth domes warm during winter.

Hats - A Bald Guy's Best Friend

Bald or not, we can't afford to let our body temperature drop to below 95 degrees F (35°C) during winter.

Prolonged exposure to cold weather may result in frostbite or hypothermia. Yikes!

That's why hats have become a baldies' best friend. I used to wear hats to cover my balding head, but now hats are a part of my wardrobe since they protect my head all year round.

When choosing hats for warmth, make sure you're buying winter hats made from alpaca or merino wool or fleece, because beanies, fedoras, and ball caps that are meant to be worn as summer hats are made from cotton, straw, or other cooler materials not meant for keeping our crowns warm.


bald man wearing beanie

Beanies are a classic choice for keeping our bald heads warm during winter. Choose one that fits snugly and covers your ears completely. 

Winter beanies made from merino wool or fleece are the best choices for head warmers.

Wool Ball Caps 

wool ball cap with ear flaps

Who said that ball caps can only be worn during summer? Winter ball caps are usually made from wool and have added ear flaps for protection. They are a great addition to your hat rack for the winter.

Trapper Hats 

man wearing trapper hat

Trapper hats or hunting headwear are another winter favorite for baldies. These hats are a popular choice for skiing and other cold-weather sports. Choose trappers with exterior and interior materials like fur, wool, and leather for icy weather.


man wearing fedora

A wool fedora will not only keep you warm but keep you warm in style. A favorite among movie stars, today's fedoras can absorb moisture and are water resistant.

For more choices, we've listed the best winter hats for baldies.


Layering is essential to warm our bald heads since heat escapes through exposed body parts. Our heads and necks must be kept warm since they regulate our body temperature significantly.

Here are the best accessories to complement your winter hats.


bald man wearing scarf

What's the use of covering up your head and exposing your neck? That's why scarves should be a part of your winter wardrobe. Those made from merino wool are a winter favorite.

Neck Warmers

bald man wearing neck warmer

A neck warmer is an alternative to scarves. Again, choose one that fits and are made from winter materials like merino wool and fleece.

How to Keep Your Head Warm at Night

Since baldies feel colder from the neck up, we need to keep our heads warm during winter and cool and chilly nights. Here are a few recommendations.

Sleep Caps

sleep cap

Sleep caps provide extra warmth for baldies during cooler nights. Pick one that fits properly so it won't come off while sleeping.


bald man wearing hoodie

Hoodies can help keep you warm and comfortable indoors. Choosing the right fabrics is vital for extra warmth. Wool, fleece, or thermal materials are excellent in trapping body heat and keeping you warm and cozy.

Some baldies even sleep with their hoodies on, which keeps them warm in bed.

Ear Bags

ear bags

Putting on ear bags is another way to keep you warm at night. You can use them when you go to bed, but you'll need to sleep on your back and not on your side to prevent them from falling off.

Warm Compress

If things are chilly, you can do a warm compress on your bald head before retiring to bed. Fill a bowl with warm water (not scalding) and dip a clean washcloth. Wring it out and place it over your head. Leave for 20 minutes, targeting specific areas like your forehead or temples.

The Bottom Line

Living with a bald head comes with new lifestyle changes like the challenge of keeping our domes warm, especially in colder environments.

Covering our heads to keep body heat from escaping is vital to regulating our body temperature. Remember that it's not enough to cover the rest of our bodies and expose our heads, neck, and ears since 7 to 10% of body heat still escapes uncovered heads.

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