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Headbands & Sweatbands for Bald Guys: The Ultimate Guide

Working out to complement our bald look is a great way to enhance our style. Aiming to look like Vin Diesel, The Rock, or Jason Statham is a fashion statement, but as bald men, we have one common dilemma when working out: keeping sweat out of our eyes!

Join me as we look for solutions to this problem, including wearing headbands for bald guys to avoid the stinging sensation of sweat getting into our eyes.

How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes As a Bald Guy

bald man doing pushups without headband

Sweating is normal when we work out, but sweat can easily get into our eyes without our usual hair covering. The stinging and burning sensation when sweat gets into our eyes won't harm our eyes, but the feeling is uncomfortable.

While we focus on headbands as the top solution, it's great to know that there are other practical and stylish ways to keep sweat from bald men's eyes.

#1 Use Headbands or Sweatbands

Bald men with headbands look great during workouts and sports activities. Watch the NBA, and you'll find a lot of players wearing sweatbands to absorb sweat and keep it away from their eyes. Imagine a tight game with a few seconds left on the clock; the ball is in your hands, but you miss the shot because some sweat got into your eyes.

One player who has rocked the bald look with his signature headband is former Laker Champion and now Chicago Bulls player Alex Caruso. Known as "The Bald Eagle," "The Bald Mamba," and "Headband Caruso," Caruso makes Baldness Look Sensational, based on the title of his interview with GQ. Thanks to Alex, the headband is back as a fashion statement, which gives bald men another look to try.

Alex Caruso wearing his signature headband

photo via GQ

Another reason for wearing sweatbands is that they're stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. You may even forget you're wearing them while working out. A headband can also protect a portion of your head from the sun's harmful UV rays. It may not cover your entire scalp, but it gives added protection when you're working out on a sunny day.

Here are some of the top headbands you can try:

Junk Headbands

If you're into variety and want something unique, Junk headbands offer a wide array of best-selling stylish headbands bald guys would love. You can choose various headband styles that feature Marvel, DC, NHL, Armed Forces, and Warner Brothers designs.

Junk Headbands

Users love the quality and performance of junk headbands and even warn that they are addicting to buy once you start purchasing them. They say they're good at absorbing and evaporating sweat, plus they stay put on their forehead.

Check out their website and pick from over a hundred designs and styles.

Halo II Pullover Headband

Halo II Pullover Headband

Keep in mind that not all headbands are created equal. Lycra-type headbands can become saturated easily and may drip sweat into the eyes. Because of this problem, the SweatSeal was born.

The Halo sweatband features these patented sweat seal channels that protect your face from perspiration. Amateur and professional athletes tried them out and were amazed at how the sweat seals diverted the sweat to the sides and away from the face.

The Halo II is also lightweight, breathable, and boasts a non-slip grip technology that prevents it from slipping down your face.

Owning a Halo headband is like having a force field against perspiration getting into your eyes.

With top reviews on Amazon, you get your money's worth when you buy a Halo II Pullover Headband and sport it during your next workout.

Buy from their website or on Amazon.

#2 Wear Hats or Caps

Hats and caps are another practical and stylish way to keep sweat away from your brow. All you need to do is find a style that suits you and wear it whenever you work out.

Nike Dri Fit Cap

The Nike Dri Fit Cap is a popular accessory that can help wick away sweat like a pro and look good while doing it. The Dri Fit technology also ensures that your cap can handle excess moisture and breathe. Caps made from wool or canvas will smell bad due to sweat, so it's better to avoid those materials.

#3 Wear Visors

I know that not all baldies are fans of the full headgear covering. An alternative solution? Rocking a visor. It not only keeps the sun away but also keeps sweat from entering your eyes. A visor also helps keep your chrome dome cool, which may also make you sweat less.

#4 Wear Bandanas

Bandanas are versatile accessories that are worn in various ways. Tie them around your head to prevent sweat from dripping. If you sweat a lot, cotton bandanas may not be able to absorb all that perspiration.

#5 Wear Wrist Sweatbands

bald man wearing headband and sweat wristbands

If you don't mind wiping your brow with wrist sweatbands every time you feel them drip, then this is a low-cost alternative that you may consider. Wrist sweatbands are often worn in tandem with headbands or a cap.

It's funny because some people don't know that wristbands were meant to wipe our brows during a strenuous activity.

#6 Apply Vaseline, lip balm, or antiperspirant on your forehead

Here's an old trick you can apply if wearing anything on your head isn't your style. A dab of Vaseline, lip balm, or antiperspirant on your forehead can help redirect sweat away from your face. While it may not work for some, it's worth the try.

#7 Use Sunscreen

Water-resistant sunscreen helps keep sweat away from your eyes and protects from harmful UV rays. Make sure to pick water-resistant sunscreen because if it's not, it will run and cause sweat to enter your eyes mixed with the sunscreen, which is a very unpleasant experience. More bad news after your burning eyes experience is that non-water resistant sunscreen will also be removed from your skin along with your sweat, which robs you of sun protection.

#8 Keep a towel or handkerchief

Keeping a towel or hanky as your sidekick is a practical and easy solution to eye stings due to perspiration.

bald man with towel after a work out


Who said that bald guys can't look good while working out and protecting their eyes from sweat?

From cool and trendy headbands to the simple genius of having a towel, you're now equipped to handle sweaty situations confidently.

For baldies who sweat excessively, you might need to invest in the full arsenal of sweat-fighting apparel. You may need to wear a hat or cap, headband, wristbands, sunscreen, and bring a towel to wipe your face.

Become a trendsetter in your gym, conquer the sweat, and rock that bald look.


Why do foreheads sweat too much?

Our foreheads have a higher concentration of sweat glands than other body parts. They help regulate our body temperature as sweat released cools us down. While sweating on our forehead is normal on a hot sunny day or during a workout, there's a condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes our forehead sweat glands to be hyperactive and produce excessive sweat.

Do bald men wear headbands?

Yes. Sweat getting into the eyes is a common problem for bald guys, especially when the temperature rises or when they're working out. Today's headbands give protection from perspiration and come in various styles, fit, designs, and colors, often making bald guys look good.

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