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Customer Reviews

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James Morgan
Great shaver and service

The razor works very well to shave my bald head. It's as close as you can expect from an electric razor without the burns and knicks of a razor. Customer service was great when my power unit needed replaced and shipped a new one fast.


My Boyfriend absolutely loves this!

Jeannie Stallings
Great shaver

My husband keeps his head shaved and he loves this shaver.

Idrissa Mansaray

Very good and simple

Vincent Herrera
VH (NYC)'s Freebird

I've been using your product about 2 years now. I love using this product!! It's so quick and efficient. The accessories are easily interchangeable. I can use it in and out of the shower with or without shaving cream or shaving oil/gels. It's great for in between shave touch ups! However, I still have to touch my head up with a disposable razor after the Freebird in certain spots. But that's not on you, that is more related with my type of hair. All in all, it's a great product, great investment in time and money. Easy subscription for replacement blades. My 20 minute shave with a disposable razor is now cut to less than 8 mins with several passes of the Freebird and about 8 mins with additional touch up from the disposable if and when necessary. Thank you guys!!