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Traveling with Your Electric Shaver: Tips for Grooming on the Go

Being in a foreign bathroom strikes fear into the heart of any well-groomed traveler. Hot water may not be available, the weather is either too hot or too cold, while some budget rooms may not even have mirrors. How do you expect a man to shave in these conditions!?

Fear no more, because we've got you covered. We'll share hacks on how you can continue with your regular shaving routine, even when traveling.

Do I Bring My Main Shaver or Travel Shaver?

While on the road, portability, speed, and convenience matter. As its name implies, an electric travel shaver is the best option here. If you own a top-of-the-line but bulky main shaver that you can't live without, you should bring that.

If you're looking for the best travel shavers, we've listed the best for you here

What to Bring While You Travel?

Travel Case

Freebird FlexSeries Travel Case

A travel case is a vital part of shaving convenience while traveling. Inside your case, everything is in order. You have your travel shaver, shaving cream, and aftershave in one lightweight, portable case. Imagine the alternative: tossing everything in your suitcase and losing or breaking some of your stuff. Not fun.

Electric Shaver

Freebird FlexSeries Shaving Kit

Whether it's your main shaver or travel shaver, what's important is you have a shaver with you on the road. 

The Freebird FlexSeries can be considered a "hybrid" shaver in this context, meaning it can be both your primary and travel shaver.

It's compact, lightweight, and powerful.

It also has a travel case (bought separately) that can house your shaver, attachments, and other shaving essentials. 

Charger or Charging Cable

While the latest electric travel shavers have batteries that can last a short trip (60 minutes of shaving time), what if your trip gets extended?

It's always better to have a backup plan if your shaver runs out of juice. Bringing your charger or charging cable is always a good idea.

Always bring a universal travel adapter if you're leaving the country.

Beard Trimmer

Beard Series Trimmer Kit

Bringing your beard trimmer is a good idea if you sport a beard that requires extra care. Some travel shavers have trimmer attachments that can do minor clean-ups if you're on a short trip.

But if your travel plans extend, your beard will look scruffy soon.

Looking for a barber shop in a foreign land may be costly and time-consuming. Packing your favorite beard trimmer is a convenient solution to keeping your beard looking sharp throughout your trip.


Freebird Moisturizer

A good moisturizer is a must-have during travels, especially if your trip involves travel to extremely hot or cold weather that will dry out your skin.

Having dry skin is a no-no when shaving. Skin irritation is more likely to happen if you don't moisturize before shaving dry skin.

Shaving Gel

Freebird Shaving Gel

Shaving cream or gel is essential to your shaving routine if you prefer a wet shave while traveling. You need to figure out the water quality when you travel; using shaving gel versus soap and poor-quality water helps protect from irritation and makes your razor glide smoothly on your scalp.


Now that you have a smooth dome, you need extra protection from harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen is vital for scalp protection because we can't escape the sun anywhere we go.

UV rays are more potent at higher altitudes. Nobody wants a sunburned scalp on the road.

A Backup Razor

What happens if our electric travel shaver dies because we forgot to charge it and you didn't bring your charging cable, or it gets broken because you didn't read this guide first and didn't bring a travel case?

That's why want to have a backup razor handy.

If you forget your backup, you can always ask your hotel for disposable razors.

If stuck without a razor, why not embrace a little stubble for a change? You can shave it off when you get home.

A Hat

bald man wearing hat outdoors

A hat is your best friend. Baldies should have both winter and summer hats in a hat rack. While sunscreen offers excellent sun protection, it wears off in a few hours. A hat, on the other hand, gives constant sun protection and makes you look stylish. 

A Small Mirror

Hotels without mirrors? Budget-friendly accommodation may not have large mirrors you can use while shaving. Having a compact mirror with you helps you ensure a clean and even shave.

The 3-1-1 rule

If you're traveling by plane, you must learn the 3-1-1 rule, which tells you how much liquid items you can bring in carry-on bags.

Just ensure your shaving tools (moisturizer, sunscreen, shaving gel, or cream) pass the TSA's 3-1-1 liquids rule, which allows each traveler to carry 3.4oz or 100ml bottles of liquids, gels, and aerosols that fit in one quart-sized resealable bag. 


bald man shaving in his car

Living the bald lifestyle can be exhilarating. You're finally free from the stress of balding and confidently showcasing your bald head.

But remember, maintaining that chrome dome may be challenging if you're on the road.

Packing lightly is a rule of thumb when on the road, but don't forget the essentials listed above to make sure you can shave like you're at home.

With today's more compact and powerful electric travel shavers, you can perform your usual shaving routine wherever you go. Pack your shaving essentials in your travel case, and you'll be good to go.


Can You Bring Electric Razors on a Plane?

The TSA website says yes, you can bring electric shavers in your checked and carry-on bags. Electric shavers have no exposed blades compared to safety razors and cartridge razors, that's why they are allowed in carry-ons.

What's the Best Travel Shaver?

It depends on your preference and needs. There are main or primary shavers that can double as a travel shaver, like the Freebird FlexSeries. If you're looking for a travel shaver, read our guide on the best travel shavers available.

How to Protect Your Electric Razor When Traveling?

Keep them in your travel case or a dedicated space in your luggage. If your electric shaver has a travel lock, turn it on. It's an excellent feature that keeps your electric shaver from turning on accidentally. 

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