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Effortless Head Shaving: Must-Have Shaver For Bald Guys

  • Shave your head in 90 seconds
  • Zero nicks or cuts ever again
  • No ingrown hairs or razor bumps
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Safe to shave dry or wet
  • Try it yourself for 30 days risk-free



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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Shave your head for less than $0.44 cents/day

Enjoy over fifty shaves with our long-lasting blades. With our refill service, blades will be shipped every 6 weeks for only $24.95, change or cancel at any time.


Your Kit Includes


FlexSeries™ Shaver

Electric rotary shaver designed for head shaving


ScalpSafe™ Blade

Contours to your scalp and cuts 5x more hair than a razor


Clipper & Guards

Increased control for fading and outlining (3, 5, 7mm guards)


Nose & Ear Trimmer

Remove unwanted hairs without painful tugging & pulling


Exfoliation Brush

Charcoal-infused, deep-cleansing brush to exfoliate your skin


Scalp Scrubber

Removes dead skin from your scalp for a comfortable shave

Use a Tool Designed to Shave Your Head


Smooth and gentle shaving for bald heads


Ordinary razor


Ordinary clipper

  • Designed for Head Shaving
  • ScalpSafe™ Technology
  • Shave in 90 Seconds
  • Shave Wet or Dry
  • Zero Nicks or Cuts

The Best Shaving Kit for Every Bald Person


The fastest way to a baby smooth shave

Circular blades that move in different directions and adjust to the scalp's contours, enabling faster, smoother shaves with fewer passes than a razor.


Goodbye nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs

Adapting to the head's shape reduces the risk of nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. The blades cut hair at a uniform length, preventing it from curling back into the skin and causing irritation.


Head shaves made easy and convenient

Effortlessly shave quickly, at home or on the go. You can shave wet, dry, or in the shower, and the blades capture the falling hair so you aren't left with a mess, and cleanup only takes 10 seconds.

Shave faster or get your money back


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the Flexseries™ Kit for 30 days. Donʼt love it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.


Lifetime Warranty

Get a lifetime warranty included with your FlexSeries™ and say goodbye to cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs forever.


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Aaron W.

Verified Buyer

"I've been shaving my head for over 10 years. I've tried every razor and shaver ever, this one is absolutely incredible, and actually gives me a razor-smooth shave"


Raymond M.

Verified Buyer

“I used to go to the barber once a week. Now I can shave my head clean every day and it saves me $100 a month! Loving these products!”


Lewis J.

Verified Buyer

"I have really sensitive skin and naturally coarse hair, so I was skeptical at first. My wife got it for me as a gift and it's been the best gift ever... No more razors or bumps for this guy"


Brandon M.

Verified Buyer

"I have never owned a head shaver before and have rather thick hair so I did not know what to expect. I can now say that I love this product. Saves me tons of time and I no longer cut my scalp."


John G.

Verified Buyer

"Amazing company and even better products. I love my shaver and all the accessories. I had an issue when I dropped it and within 4 days I had a new one in my mailbox! Top-notch!"


Vincent H.

Verified Buyer

"I love it. I love how my replacements come just in time. It cuts my shaving time down from 15 mins to 3, and that's with my using a razor blade for final touch ups on certain areas of my head."


Andrea P.

Verified Buyer

"My husband loves how smooth his bald head is after he shaves. Love this razor and will never go back to anything different."


Marvin L.

Verified Buyer

"I’m loving the Freebird. It has made shaving my bald head hassle-free and safe. No more cuts from the razor!"


Chase R.

Verified Buyer

"I've been using Freebird for 4 or 5 months now.. and HOLY COW! I will never go back to razors, cuts, or wasting time again. This is the real deal!!"


Randall V.

Verified Buyer

"I absolutely love it! After starting to go bald a few years ago and having to give in and start shaving my head, I was using clippers which was a nightmare… This only takes 2-3 minutes every day"


Victor W.

Verified Buyer

"I was surprised how close it shaved and how it actually got smooth just like my razor. This is a game changer for anyone who shaves their head"


Jason H.

Verified Buyer

"Money well spent, saves so much time and money in the long run. After 30 years of shaving my head, I can say this is by far the best product I've ever used"


Rene R.

Verified Buyer

I used to visit the barber 3-4x a month and spend $40 each time. I decided to try this out with the trial period and ever since, I haven't seen my barber!"

Frequently asked questions

Will it provide a razor smooth shave?

Yes, our electric rotary shaver for bald people is designed to provide a smooth and close shave. The shaver features multiple rotary blades that move in a circular motion to cut hair as close to the skin as possible. Additionally, the shaver is designed with a pivoting head that follows the contours of your head to ensure a smooth and comfortable shave. With the right technique and use of our shaver, you can achieve a smooth and clean look on your head.

How long will it take to shave my head?

Our shaver is designed to provide a fast and efficient shaving experience. The shaver features multiple rotary blades that work together to quickly and effectively cut hair, allowing you to shave your head in as little as 90 seconds. The shaver is also designed with a powerful motor that ensures a smooth and consistent shaving experience, further reducing the time needed to shave your head.

Can I return it if I don't like it?

Yes, you may return your shaver even if you have opened and used the product. We want you to be happy with your purchase and want you to experience the results for yourself before having to make a commitment or decision. If you aren't loving your results, simply send it back for a full refund.

Can I shave my face, beard, or body?

Our shaver is designed primarily with the head and scalp in mind, however, it makes a great tool to get a fast, easy, and comfortable shave on your face, chest, back, arms, legs, and more. You can also use it to safely trim or shave below the waist.

Does it work with coarse or curly hair?

Yes, our electric rotary shaver for bald people is designed to work effectively on all hair types, including coarse or curly hair. The shaver features multiple rotary blades that work together to quickly and effectively cut hair, making it a versatile tool for all your shaving needs. Additionally, the shaver's pivoting head is designed to follow the contours of your scalp, allowing for a smooth and comfortable shave on even the most difficult-to-reach areas. Whether you have fine, straight hair or coarse, curly hair, our electric rotary shaver can help you achieve a clean and smooth look on your scalp.

Will this shaver create any irritation?

Our electric rotary shaver for bald people is designed to be gentle on the skin and provide a comfortable and irritation-free shaving experience. Unlike traditional razors, which can cause nicks, cuts, and irritation, our electric rotary shaver is designed to minimize the risk of skin irritation, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. With the right technique and use of our shaver, you can achieve a clean and smooth look on your scalp with zero irritation.

Can I use my shaver in the shower?

Yes, you can use our shaver in the shower as it is designed to be IPX5 waterproof, meaning it can withstand water splashes and jets from any direction. Using the shaver in the shower or with shave gel can help to soften the hair and make it easier to cut, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable shave. However, it's important to make sure the shaver is completely dry before storing it or charging it.

Should I dry shave or wet shave?

Our shaver is designed to shave both wet and dry, depending on your preference. The shaver is made to be used both dry and wet, and can be used with or without shaving cream or gel. Shaving dry can be faster and more convenient, while shaving wet can be gentler on the skin and result in a smoother shave.

Can women use this to shave our legs?

Yes! Whether you're a man looking to shave your head or a woman looking to shave your legs, our electric rotary shaver is a reliable and efficient tool that can help you achieve the look you want, quickly, safely, and comfortably.

What if I want to shave my head and leave a little bit of stubble?

Our shaving kit includes multiple attachments, including the Precision Clipper and 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm safety guards. The trimmer will let you trim all the way down to just a stubble, or use the guards for fading, trimming, and shaping up your beard.

How short must my hair be to use it?

Our ScalpSafe™ blade head is primarily used to maintain a bald head shave. If your head hair is longer than 7-10 days of stubble, we recommend trimming with the precision clipper first, before using your rotary blade.

What's the benefit of this over a normal razor or electric trimmer?

Our electric rotary shaver for bald people offers several benefits over traditional razors or trimmers. Here are some of the key benefits: Convenience: Our electric rotary shaver is designed to be quick and easy to use, saving you time and hassle in your grooming routine. You can shave your head or other body parts quickly and efficiently, without the need for shaving cream, water, or other accessories. Comfort: Unlike razors, which can cause nicks, cuts, and irritation, our electric rotary shaver is designed to be gentle on the skin. The shaver's pivoting head follows the contours of your body, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave. Efficiency: Our electric rotary shaver is designed to provide a fast and efficient shaving experience, allowing you to shave your head or other body parts in as little as 90 seconds. The shaver's multiple rotary blades work together to quickly and effectively cut hair, ensuring a close shave with minimal effort. Versatility: While our electric rotary shaver is designed primarily for use on the scalp, it can also be used to shave hair on other parts of the body, including legs and arms. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for all your shaving needs. Overall, our electric rotary shaver offers a fast, convenient, and comfortable shaving experience that is unmatched by traditional razors or trimmers.

Do I have to clean the blades after using it?

Yes, it's important to clean the blades of your electric rotary shaver after each use. This helps to prevent the buildup of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can accumulate on the blades and cause irritation or infection. To clean the blades, simply turn off the shaver and detach the head from the body. Rinse the head under running water to remove any hair or debris, then use a small brush to gently remove any remaining buildup.

How often should I replace the blade?

The frequency with which you need to replace the blades on your electric rotary shaver can vary depending on how often you use it and how coarse your hair is. As a general rule, we recommend replacing the blades on your shaver between every 25-50 shaves to maintain optimal performance. Over time, the blades can become dull and less effective at cutting hair, which can result in an uneven or uncomfortable shave. Additionally, worn-out blades can cause irritation or infection, as they are more likely to trap dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. To ensure that you're getting the best performance from your electric rotary shaver and minimizing the risk of skin irritation, we recommend replacing the blades on a regular basis. If you notice that your shaver is not cutting hair as well as it used to, it's likely time to replace the blades.

How does the lifetime warranty work?

When you purchase our shaver, we always include a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty. For those who choose to join our blade subscription program, you will automatically be enrolled into our lifetime warranty, for as long as you keep an active blade subscription.