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How to Get the Most Benefit from Face Moisturizer for Men

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Feb 17, 2023


The handheld ergonomic design is easy to hold and makes shaving quick, simple, and more comfortable.

You have so many options when it comes to your facial hair style. You can be clean shaven, got for some subtle stubble, grow a mustache or goatee, or go full beard. Each style says something a little different about you and projects its own unique message to the people around you.

Before you decide, consider beard vs clean shave differences that may affect you and the benefits of shaving more or less often.

  • Environment - temperature, humidity, and other seasonal changes all affect our skin
  • Skincare Products - harsh ingredients and high alkaline formulas can throw off your skin’s proper pH balance
  • Dirt, Dust, and Pollutants - they clog your pores and make it hard for your skin to remain in pH balance
  • Over-washing - staying clean is important, but washing your face and skin too much can erode its natural barrier

Stop wasting time with razors and get the fastest shave of your life. In just two minutes, you can finish shaving your head smoothly.

Regardless of whether you choose a beard or to be clean shaven, both options require a lot of time and energy to look great. If you have a beard, you have to keep it clean, brush out debris, and apply natural beard oil regularly for the best texture and shine.

But if you’re clean shaven, that requires daily shaving and the right techniques to prevent shave irritation (more on that later). You’ll also need to invest in quality shave products for men - like a natural men’s shave cream and an alcohol-free aftershave.

Effortlessly shave hard-to-reach places such as around the ears and the back of the neck.

That doesn’t mean that shaving is all bad. Guys often wonder is it bad to shave everyday and how often should I shave. This varies from person to person depending on factors like how fast your facial hair grows, if you want or need to have totally smooth skin, and how sensitive your skin is.

Another of the clean shave benefits is that shaving exfoliates your skin. As your skin renews itself, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface. These can dull your appearance and clog your pores. But when you shave, you remove some of that outermost layer.

Feb 17, 2023


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